Children of the Night

From our headquarters, Case Managers provide children 24-hour services, 7 days a week. We rescue youth from pimps, help with medical services, public health insurance, social security/disability benefits, maternity housing, drug program placement, domestic violence housing, transportation, mental health services, psychiatric evaluations or access to psychotropic medications, advocacy with the courts, social workers, probation officers, resume preparation, job placement, access to vocational or trade schools or community colleges, applications for FAFSA (federally funded financial aid) - we are ready and willing to help. Our FREE tutoring through ZOOM tutors sex trafficking victims for the high school diploma - the first step in escaping the streets. The high school diploma enables them to enter the military or work in support positions in medicine or law; attend vocational or trade school and even community college. Our case management program dovetails with our High School Diploma

Headquarter Address

3450 Cahuenga Boulevard West
Unit 602
Los Angeles, CA 90068