Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) is the only non-profit in Illinois solely dedicated to advocating for and with homeless people, including families, students, youth, ex-offenders, and low-wage workers. We advocate for a shelter safety net, supportive housing, access to quality public schools, healthcare, and human services. Our housing campaign, Bring Chicago Home, advocates for increased city funding to address homelessness at scale in Chicago. Outreach at 40 shelter, school, and street programs reaches over 10,000 youth and adults yearly. The Reentry Project advocates to open up job and housing opportunities. A State Network organizes in 14 communities outside Chicago, focused on Aurora, Waukegan, and Will County. A Speakers Bureau reaches a yearly audience over 3,000 and organizes 150 students to advocate with CCH. The Law Project and its Youth Futures mobile legal aid clinic handle 800 cases a year, about 75% on behalf of homeless students or unaccompanied youth.

Headquarter Address

70 East Lake Street
Suite 720
Chicago, IL 60601