Cathedral Kitchen

Cathedral Kitchen's mission is to help people out of food insecurity and champion their pursuit of stability and prosperity. Cathedral Kitchen is one of the largest emergency food providers in New Jersey, serving more than 100,000 meals a year. We provide nutritious meals and groceries for food insecure residents of Camden and the surrounding area through our Meal Program, Community Outreach and MarketStand. The Culinary Arts Training Program is a 15 week tuition-free program, offered three times a year. The program consists of classroom instruction in culinary/baking arts, plus ServSafe training, like skills, financial literacy and interviewing skills training. Graduates are assisted with job placement and over 85 percent of graduates find employment during the first three months following graduation. In addition, we have two social enterprises as well as supportive services.

Headquarter Address

1514 Federal Street
Camden, NJ 08105