Cancer Lifeline

Cancer Lifeline was founded in 1973 by Gloria Gutkowski, a cancer patient who could not find the support she needed to help her live with her diagnosis. Now, people all over Washington State use the toll-free 24-Hour Lifeline program for emotional support and information. Those in the Puget Sound region can also take advantage of classes, other programs and resources which are offered at Cancer Lifeline's main office in Seattle and at several hospital partner locations. Our programs are based on the needs of people living with cancer. We offer you choices and encourage you to take control. We provide information so that you can make better choices. We stress inclusion rather than isolation. Most of all, we provide the environment where you have the freedom to express feelings without being judged.

Headquarter Address

Dorothy S. O'Brien Center
6522 Fremont Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103