Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Our mission is to study the foundation of global ocean health and use our discoveries to improve the future for all life on the planet. For example, we use cutting-edge molecular techniques and "big data" to help manage our coastal ecosystem. We develop forecasts to help guide interactions between people and harmful algal blooms. We study and develop seaweed-based solutions to reduce ocean acidity, reduce methane emissions from livestock, and sequester carbon in our rapidly changing oceans. We study vital species and marine biodiversity - from lobster larvae to algae to marine viruses. In all these areas and more, Bigelow scientists are helping provide unbiased answers that can keep up with the pace of change that the global ocean is experiencing. While Bigelow research spans the globe, we also apply our knowledge and expertise to the Gulf of Maine, where we can study change while providing important data and solutions to the state and those who make their living from its waters.

Headquarter Address

60 Bigelow Drive
East Boothbay, ME 04544