Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation International (BCI), based in Austin, Texas, works to conserve the world's bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy planet. Bats make up 20% of the world's mammal species--and their vast numbers, species diversity and extensive presence around the globe reflects their unique role and value as pollinators, pest managers and seed dispersers. Farms, forests and fields of native flora all benefit from the ecosystem services of bats. For almost thirty years BCI has addressed bat conservation issues ranging from the destruction of bat habitats in caves and mines to the dangers posed to bats by the increase in the wind turbine industry and the growing threat of White-Nose Syndrome. As the world's bats face increasing challenges to their existence, it has become clear that conservation success is always based on promoting awareness of the essential role bats play in the world's ecosystems.

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500 N. Capital of Texas Hwy., Bldg 1-201
Austin, TX 78746