A Gift for Teaching

On a mission to provide educational resources that empower teachers to inspire future leaders, A Gift For Teaching (AGFT) envisions a future where every student in Central Florida has the tools and experiences to succeed. Since 1998, AGFT has worked to improve public education by transferring our community's surplus materials and resources free to teachers for their students in need. AGFT's concept is beautifully simple: local businesses take underutilized supplies or surplus merchandise that would otherwise go unused and redistribute through the Free Teacher Supply Store, "Pencil Boy Express-The Mobile Free Store", or "Pencil Boy Online". More than 13,000 teachers from Central Florida's highest need schools can then shop for free to make sure any student in our community has what they need to learn. At AGFT, we offer additional programs that expand the scope of learning for students and teachers through music and art education.

Headquarter Address

6501 Magic Way
Building 400C
Orlando, FL 32809